Optimised for light and simply elegant - the new filigree ManuLux® Historic Window.

Manulux® Historic Window

  • our exhibition windows
  • After several years of research, we succeeded in constructing a window that fulfils 100% of both the requirements for a historic building and our own standards for natural elegance and technical quality."
  • - extremely narrow frame and casement
    - allows up to 30% more light versus
       traditional insulated glass windows
    - up to 1.0 KW value
    - variable ventilation through rotary limiters
    - best quality materials and workmanship
    - limits on noise can be taken into account
    - made from quality aged wood
    - lavishly crafted by hand
    - four layers of surface coat treatment
    - elegant windows that will increase the
       value of the building over time

  • Bernd Schirmacher

Ehmke Manufaktur Joinery Manulux® Historic Window