EHMKE's Value Guarantee

  • est
  • We see nature as an incentive to reach the best possible result in window construction, rather than as an obstacle. In spite of all of our technology, we view wood as our primary material and strive to achieve a natural elegance through our craftsmanship. Wood grows slowly and is a living material with its own charisma and history. Our philosophy is to work with wood - and for people.
  • riginal
  • In a time of artificiality and imitation, originality is more and more important. Each of our windows is an individual piece, unique in material and workmanship, with a distinctive appearance that contrasts with the uniformity seen with mass production. You can look forward a love of detail, great care and good ideas - because it is often the small things that make the difference and change the world.
  • olution-oriented
  • An approximate answer is no answer at all. The solutions we find are exact, and not just in craftsmanship, but also aesthetically speaking. They are as protective of history as they are ecologically sound. EHMKE brings the many different requirements for a window together under one unique roof. We promise: our solutions are the product of much careful consideration. They will fit.
  • atisfaction
  • In our many years in the business, the satisfied faces of our customers are our the greatest reward. Anyone deciding on wood windows, and particularly the wood windows suited to a listed building, must keep the financial side in mind. And the financial side is another good reason to choose a ManuLux® historic window - no other window will enhance the value of your building more.